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Therapy is a place where you can feel safe to talk about the things that you might be finding hard to express or to live with

I provide a confidential, non-judgemental and welcoming space which encourages you to find a way to be able to express yourself freely. Therapy can help you:
  • Look at your life and the issues you bring to therapy in relation to others  and the surrounding world
  • Examine those parts of your life you want to change and those you want to keep the same
  • Come to terms and live with things that cannot be changed
  • Make informed choices in deciding how to live your life
  • If you are having problems in your relationship and require couples counselling
Working with clients

Develop a better understanding of your life

As an existential psychotherapist, I approach my work from a philosophical standpoint. I can help you develop a better understanding of how problems can affect your life, and how you can actually turn them to your advantage so that you can strengthen esteem, awareness and a sense of your place in the world.

Contact 07531 072 664

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